Cycling races

Our specialty is judging / securing cycling races!
Our qualifications, experience and professional equipment allow us to carry out every world-class cycling race. We all have UCI (highway) judical licenses, some of us have higher judge’s category (district) which means we know exactly how to move in the race column. Each one of us is assigned to his function, e.g.: liaison referee, board referee or marshal and we know exactly what to do and where we should be doing our job.

Running, bike rally

We have a lot of experience in securing runs/bike rallies. We have been supporting several such events for many years. We are authorized to direct traffic and the so-called police shields. Thanks to all those qualifications we can close an intersection or redirect traffic so that participants can safely reach the finish line. Motorcycles also make it easier to move between runners/bikes. Our motorcycle ambulance is well-equipped. We have there. among other things, oxygen cylinders, which are very often needed during such events.

Mass events

We organized or co-organized such events as a night in the museum, a meeting with an interesting man – Robert Mucha, who is a rally driver. We also organized or co-organized money collections for the sick, meetings with teenagers in orphanages or a blue picnic with the Police in Zduńska Wola. The authorities issuing permission to hold a mass event are primarily responsible for ensuring safety during the event without any disturbances or threats. The organisers of such events who have already cooperated with our group know that the tasks entrusted to us are fulfilled in a professional way. We always make every effort to ensure that the event schedule runs in a safe and consistent manner.

V.I.P. escort

We have already escorted such celebrities as Margaret, Golec uOrkiestra, Pectus, Michał Szpak, Mesajah, Rafał Brzozowski, Maryla Rodowicz and Grzegorz Hyży. Riding motorcycles with warning lights and sirens on in a column along with a VIP car effectively allows VIPs to get to the right place at the right time. We can, partly or completely, stop the traffic on the VIP’s road. Everyone in our group has an intercom in a helmet and we also have radiotelephones – thanks to that we can quickly communicate with each other or with security agents in case of any danger.

Training courses

We conduct full range first aid trainings. In our group we have an active paramedic, firefighters and other members who took part in qualified first aid course [KPP]. We conduct trainings about proper way of movement on the road for children and teenagers. At the same time, we carry out the BE VISIBLE [BĄDŹ WIDOCZNY] action, in which, among other things, we show how a simple little reflector can save lives. We also conduct trainings about proper motorcycle riding on the professional driving track in Łódź.